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We will resolve your present problem on assembly or

               Encapsulation process!

Propose new assembly process, combined with
               Vacuum and atmosphere

  Possible to assemble for any shaped substrate.
  Available Test products or Demonstration, please inform us your requirement

             New 3 Type Assembly Mechanisms

NEW!! Assemble for Flexible Substrate (Line contact)

Resolve air bubble remaining
No air babble even gap and slit because processed in vacuum chamber.

Feature: Line contact Type Assembly Machine (Vacuum or Atmosphere)
           High yield - Assemble in vacuum condition (1Pa),
           It is easy to set Assembly Process without air babble,
           Not required high precision Assembly condition..

NEW!! Assemble for 3D (Rounded surface) Shaped and
2.5D (Curved in both side) Shaped Substrate

Resolve Design Limitation
Feature: Assemble for 3D /2.5D (Vacuum)
After the contact in vacuum, pressurized with pressure (0.3MPa),

           It is able to assemble to follow the curved surface.
           It is best for curved designed cover and curved mirror and            instrument panel with film assembling for automobile use

Renewal! Assemble for Flat Shaped Substrate

Resolve Un-uniform Press and High Accuracy Positioning
for Thin
Material, such as Film

Feature: Assemble for Flat & Thin Material
           Improved Table Flatness and High Accuracy Alignment
           (+/- 3 micron)

           It is best encapsulation for Flexible OLED panel and Organic

Film Solar Cell.

Available Test products or Demonstration, please inform us your requirement