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This is an in-line device for rubbing of alignment layer on glass panel subject to specified conditions.
This processing is applicable for not only small glass panel and wefer but also wide glass panels Generation 5 and over. In accordance with enlargement of glass panel, this device is designed to maintain the basic features such as gap accuracy , accurate rotation, vibration and static electrictiy and the motion features such as tact time and maintenance. As a result, it gets possible to make sure of stable rubbing performance.

Rubbing machine for Generation 6 i1500mm~1800mmj

Driving by DD Motor [Patent pending]

Spindle mechanism for roller holding [Patent pending]

Highbrid Rubbing roller [Patent pending]

High rigidity main flame [Patent pending]

Rubbing machine for Generation 4.5 i730mm~920mmj

Driving by DD Motor

Spindle mechanism for roller holding

High rigidity main flame

Rubbing machine for Generation 2 i370mm~470mmj
Realize the saving of cycle time by "Gauntry type" moving.
Incidental equipment for Rubbing machine
Rubbing-cloth Winding / Aging Machine


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