-Proposal, Planning, Development, Sample production and Maintenance.......
Now, high level automatic technology is being required by every TFT manufacturers. This is the requirement from actual market, which is constantly changing.
We construct the most suitable system through investigation, analysis, planning, proposal, designing and repeated simulation in order to reply to such requirements.

Starting with the parts development, the production of standalone machinery, automatic machine and automation line follow after it. Based upon our super precision tehcnology, which has been cultivated by us until today, we will support the rationalization of production by three powers such as planning ability, developing ability and producing ability.

¡Business line
EEngineering technology research service
EEngineering technology research service
EFPD plant engineering
EVarious precision lapping process
EDesigning, manufacturing and sales of a laborsaving equipment
EDesigning, manufacturing and sales of a laboratory equipment
EDesigning, manufacturing and sales of a various precision measuring      @instrumentlaboratory equipment